Do you wear makeup to the gym? Read why you shouldn’t!

Nowadays, due to last minute rush and busy daily routine, we don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves and when it comes to working out, we must admit that most of us wear makeup. Some women will have come straight from work, others may feel that makeup is the way to complete the gym look. But do you really have to wear make-up to the gym?

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Here’s a little something you didn’t know about us…

One half of Φorm Activewear loves to cook! The other half loves to enjoy the recipes! One of the reasons we partnered up – complementary skills; loves to cook, loves to eat!

Whilst we are both known to seek the best places to fuel our workouts, we have to agree there is nothing like home cooked food that is also quick, fresh and nourishing to keep us going!

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Pre and Post Workout Snacks

Probably the most googled terms, after how to lose weight fast, are what to eat before and after your workout.

So you are about to train and don’t know what is the best snack to eat before, in order to give you the energy required to go ahead with your workout, or perhaps you’ve just finished your workout and don’t know what to eat after.

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