Korean Beauty or K-beauty and the 10-step beauty routine

If you are a true beauty lover you probably already know that Asia pretty much rules the skincare industry, with South Korea being amongst the leading countries. It can’t be a coincidence that Marie Claire addresses South Korea (or SOKO) as the new skincare superpower, 12 years ahead of skincare innovation globally.

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We share with you our tips on how to “clean” your skin and improve your beauty routine for glowy results!

As we’ve kissed goodbye to 2017 we’ve stepped into beauty detox months until spring. When we talk about beauty detox it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem with the products that we already use, it just means it may be time to temporarily change your beauty routine because our complexion stops glowing like it used to. So a beauty detox will help our skin restore the lost shine.

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Do you wear makeup to the gym? Read why you shouldn’t!

Nowadays, due to last minute rush and busy daily routine, we don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves and when it comes to working out, we must admit that most of us wear makeup. Some women will have come straight from work, others may feel that makeup is the way to complete the gym look. But do you really have to wear make-up to the gym?

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