Do you wear makeup to the gym? Read why you shouldn’t!

Nowadays, due to last minute rush and busy daily routine, we don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves and when it comes to working out, we must admit that most of us wear makeup. Some women will have come straight from work, others may feel that makeup is the way to complete the gym look. But do you really have to wear make-up to the gym?

The answer is no, because if you read what makeup does to your skin during exercise,
you will definitely regret it!

1. Makeup prevents the skin from breathing properly, especially during intensive
2. Working out while wearing makeup, clogs up your pores causing them become
larger and stretched.
3. Makeup prevents sweat and sebum from leaving the skin, which results in acne,
and if you’re prone to acne, it will make things worse.
4….and if you’re prone to dryness, you can make your skin even dryer.
5. It will make your skin duller and less glowy.
6. It makes your face look older.
7. Makeup presents the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.

What is the best thing to do?
1. Cleanse your skin before your workout with a light makeup remover, micellar
water and a cotton pad or cleansing gel. We don’t recommend cleansing wipes,
because the wipes are moving dirt around the skin instead of removing it.
2. Apply hydrating cream or serum in order to make sure that while you are working
out, your skin is still hydrated and protected. Note that if you are working outside you
have to apply a hydration cream with SPF.
3. After your workout you have to clean again your skin to remove sweat and bacteria
and to prevent any discomfort that might be expected from sweating.
4. If you have spots or under eye circles that you want to cover DO NOT wear
foundation. Cover them with a matte finish concealer.
5. For hydrated lips apply lip balm that is going to give a touch of glow to your face.

Now..before you head to the gym – take a good look at the above tips and think about
your beautiful skin – who doesn’t want that glow this winter?

Written by Stavri Frangou
Beauty Editor at MUST
Follow her Instagram for daily beauty inspo @stavrifrangou

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