We share with you our tips on how to “clean” your skin and improve your beauty routine for glowy results!

As we’ve kissed goodbye to 2017 we’ve stepped into beauty detox months until spring. When we talk about beauty detox it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem with the products that we already use, it just means it may be time to temporarily change your beauty routine because our complexion stops glowing like it used to. So a beauty detox will help our skin restore the lost shine.

1. Start with a weekend detox and forget about using beauty products in order to let your skin calm in be in the most “natural” version of it.

2. Then, you can work your way up to ditching your makeup for a few days and start to minimize your skincare routine to a simple cleanser and moisturizer. If you are not ready for it, follow the steps to make the best for your skin.

3. A clay mask it’s the best way to start with detox, as it will remove pore-clogging and skin-drying. The clay mask is a must-try for just about any skin type, delivering what its name promises.

4. Don’t forget to exfoliate daily with a smooth scrub with tiny exfoliating particles in order not to irritating your skin. Doing the daily exfoliation will keep away the dead skin cells that dull your complexion.

5. Once you have things running smoothly on the inside, it’s time to focus on revitalizing your skin from the outside. When you finally got a clean skin, maintain it by applying a sunscreen cream- because even in winter the sun is still on and it gets stronger day by day. If you go outside unprotected, there’s no point in applying anti-aging creams and serums, because the sun is the biggest source of inflammation and premature aging. Its better to use a sunscreen than a moisturizer with spf and the reason is so simple! When you “distract” the characteristics of a product you don’t get the 100% of it.

6. After all its time to hydrate and boost collagen for our skin. Use eye cream and face creams – day and night- based on your skin needs. Do not use a product that is not suitable for your skin just because you love the smell, the brand and the packaging of it (heard about that a million times). Also choose a serum – to prevent age marks, dark spots and dehydration- with the same logic cause applying the most suitable products for your skin it will bring the glow back in no time. Think of it as health food for your face.

7. As a weekly treatment and regardless of your skin type, use a face oil. “Oiling” aka-using oil three times a week, keeps skin dewy and hydrated, calms, hydrates and help heals the skin.

8. Last but not least, lip care. Use a lip scrub to gently polish our pouts and prime the surface for next-level hydration to follow.

p.s: The longer you detox your skin, the greater the payoff will be. If you’ve spent time not using a specific product, you’ll be able to see what that product actually does to your skin, once you go back to it. You can make your detox as hardcore as you want, with the best scenario, you’re only using water for a couple of days.

Written by Beauty Editor at MUST – Stavri Frangkou

Insta: @stavrifrangkou

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