Activewear stretchy and soft, lined with antibacterial compression shorts made of recycled nylon, for complete range of motion.

The 2 Dogs Yoga Shorts for men are engineered with built in compression shorts for total flexibility. Made in stretchy jersey and designed with an the extra panel that covers you from the crotch all the way down the inside of the leg, your shorts will stay in place while still giving your body maximum mobility, without any restraints.

Made for all body types and kinds of workout, the 2-dogs let you focus on your practice and forget about your shorts.

The soft fit of our compression inner layer allows for excellent blood flow. Made of bluesign® recycled nylon it also has antibacterial properties.

We include compression shorts to make sure you are covered in all your moves and postures and always stay comfortable in your activewear.
Essentially designed for demanding classes, the 2 Dogs are made from a resistant, silk-like polyester jersey with a soft touch and durable elasticity. Thanks to their sweat wicking, fast drying, and wrinkle resistant properties, these shorts are great for hot yoga and pilates.

The 2-dogs graphite shorts are made with a certified bluesign® lining fabric. An environmental certification that guarantees mindful manufacturing, bluesign® tells you that the product you are buying has been made with the preservation of resources in mind (water, chemicals, energy, and lowering of atmospheric emissions), aware of minimizing the impact on people and the planet.

Eco-aware clients can rest assured that when getting a bluesign® product they are buying socially conscious, environmentally friendly clothing.

Available in heather graphite with black lining

      • Made to keep you dry and flexible
      • Shorts 95% Polyester 5% Spandex
      • Lining 84.5% Recycled Nylon 15.5% Elastane Anti-Bacterial