Let’s start the year from February?

JANUARY: People have this misconception that January is the arbitrary month of the year within which everything will get better despite putting on weight and spending all your money.

Let’s face it, January didn’t do as any favors, so let’s start the year from February. (Happy New Year?)

For another year, in January, we have to lose the weight we gained during our
holidays. Most people think that January is the only month of the year when
everything will get magically better and begin to set new goals.
For another year, we will try to lose all of those kilos gained, leading us to starvation
diets and to an endless battle with the scales. For the kilos to disappear and stay away
for good we need to make changes to our lifestyle and diet.

Now that February is here (brrr, we can feel the cold too!) and it’s Valentines day, you know what that means!

Except for the usual flowers you
expect chocolate, dinner, wine and everything nice (if he/she treats you well that is).
Before you commence your juice cleanse until Valentines Day, let me just stop you
right there!

Detox diets are more popular after festive periods like after Christmas, after summer
break when we have eaten our weight in food. Detox diets refer to the idea of cleaning
the body from “toxic waste” to stay healthy. They usually limit the intake of energy
and important nutrients required for health. Fast weight loss causes loss of water,
glycogen and muscle tissue, but not fat.

Here’s how you to get yourself back on track, the healthy way:

Step one

Take the brave step and step on your weighing scales, record your weight and set
realistic goals. One kilogram per week is the maximum amount recommended for
healthy weight loss.

Step two

Start your day with a healthy breakfast: This could be oats with cinnamon and apple,
or avocado on whole grain toast with eggs.

Step three

Consume a balanced meal containing carbohydrates, protein, healthy fat and fibre.

Step four

Add fibre to your meals. Choose a salad to accompany each meal and fruit with

Step five

Learn how to calculate portions. It’s easy to underestimate the size of your portions.
Consume the meal on a dessert plate to reduce portion size and divide accordingly ½
salad, ¼ protein and ¼ carbohydrate.

P.s. Eating a small piece of cake or chocolate on Valentines Day or once a week will
not lead to weight gain. Even if you eat the entire chocolate box from your beloved
one, do not feel guilty! The next day, go back to your healthy diet and exercise
program. FYI strawberries are a healthy, enjoyable dessert for that day!


Written by Chara Malioti, MNutr, R.D., MSc
Tel: 22256006

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